Fragonard Parfume Factory Grass

Grasse is the world’s capital for perfumes. If you are staying in Nice, Cannes or even Monaco, do plan a day trip in Grasse. It’s a pretty little town, full of history and architecture, cafes and perfumery productions.
Fragonard perfumery in Grasse, located in a 19th century building, is one of the oldest-running perfumeries in France. It is situated in the heart of the old town and can be visited in 2 ways:
– as a part of the big French Riviera tour (minding the fact that in case of this tour the transportation issues will be taken care of, this option might be more appealing to the travelers not equipped with a car).
– on your own without taking a tour package. In this case, you will feel more free of course
The 1st plant was built here in 1782. The factory you see now, dates back to 1926 (when it was actually named after Jean-Honoré Fragonard, a famous painter) and houses many old equipment of the original plant.
Fragonard factory tour is an experience for your senses. As you walk through it you dive into sweet-scented smells, beautiful images and fine architecture. The tour is absolutely free and it takes you around the perfumery, its workshops and laboratories, explaining the details of how perfume is extracted from various flowers, how it is distilled and how final products (like perfumes and soaps) are made. The tour ends in a showroom where one can “test” his senses to identify some fragrances.

Don’t forget to visit the gist shop at the end, there you can find some products not available anywhere else while the prices will often be low in comparison to some other places.
The size of the factory is relatively small. That means that on the one hand, the tour is quick (lasts around 30 minutes) but on the other hand in can be crowded with guided tours. So try to come here early, at 9 o clock, before the tour buses arrive (which basically happens around 11am).
The tours are available on different European languages and they run regularly.
The factory is 30 minutes’ drive from Cannes. Free parking available on spot is relatively small, but there’s a paid multi-storey parking just across the road
The town is also accessible by public transportation: like SNCF trains and buses.
They say that the factory is open every day, including on Weekends and public holidays. But of course, if you arrive on week-end, the workers will not be there as the factory will not be operating.

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Boulevard Fragonard 20
Grasse 06130 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur FR
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Open from 9am to 6pm, daily, including on week-ends and public holidays. Last visit 1 hour before closing