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Cologne Chocolate Museum is located in the Rheinau harbour and is made in the form of a ship to remind of the history of the place. Privately owned by the founding family Imhoff, the museum has nine exhibition areas located on the 4000 square meters to give you an insight into the history and the production of chocolate.

The museum basically tells the story of chocolate making in Cologne then moves onto how it’s made and where the ingredients come from. The first part of the exhibition involves a lot of reading and is not interactive. Here you find lots of very informative displays on how chocolate is made, harvested and sent to various countries for prosessing and distribution.

As you progress through the museum it becomes more interesting. You see the displays of old-style packaging and vending machines and then the examples of machinery from the Lindt production line in action. That can seem a little weird: the whole museum is “neutral” but as you get upstairs you see a little Lindt working factory with chocolate being made right in front of your eyes. And yes, there are small samples of the freshly made chocolate at the end to taste

Extremely interesting parts of the museum are:

  1. A tropical house. A real closed area of a rainforest you can walk around: humid warm climate of the tropics and more than 1000 plants to admire – palm trees, sugar canes, vanilla and cacao trees, of course!
  2. The huge chocolate fountain with a friendly staff who will dip the wafers inside the chocolate for you.
  3. If you are keen on customising chocolate, you can easily fill up the order form and create your own flavoured chocolate bar. Though, this area is the busiest part of the museum.
  4. A café where you can Indulge yourself after the tour sipping some hot thick chocolate or coffee, eating a most delicious chocolate cake and admiring the river
  5. The chocolate shop with lovely dated décor can make you spend lots of money as there is so much to choose from! It sells more Lindt chocolate than you can imagine.

Remember to pay a visit to this museum when you are in Cologne. It’s a real must see for those who visit the city and those who really like chocolate. And of course it’s a good place to take children to, they will love it as there are areas where children can interact

Do please note:

-The museum is very busy all year round. During the busy months, weekends and holidays it is extremely overcrowded. Neither is it a good idea to visit it first thing in the morning as the schoolchildren are brought here to visit it.

-There’s always a long waiting line at the ticket counter

-There are not many places to sit down. So be prepared to walk a lot

-You need at least 2-3 hours to visit, see and experience everything. So do not plan to just “drop in” for 30 minutes or even an hour. It will be a waste your money.

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