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If you are staying in Reims, the “world capital of Champagne” than a visit to at least one of the numerous Champagne Maisons is a must.
A very renowned and recommended tour is a tour to G.H. Mumm, one of the biggest Champagne producers in the world. Founded in the 19th century, today the Maison owns 218 hectares of vineyards and remains an official supplier of champagne to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. There’s the Royal Warrant decorating the neck of their bottles to remind of this fact.
The visit to G.H. Mumm is very informative and knowledgeable; it gives nice insights into the art of making champagne. The cellars are well preserved and show the importance of heritage and traditions for the House: the vaults are really beautiful, the bottles stocked in corners of endless tunnels are dimly lit and the special lightning gives a certain charm to the place, making your pictures look really good.
The tour starts with a short but informative video on the history of the Maison Mumm and champagne making process. The whole tour is a whimsical mini-adventure through time with all these cellar tunnels and historical artifacts, like vats and machines used by Mumm over the last centuries.
The most interesting part of the visit is guessing the flavors of the champagne smell and taste like scents of honey, quince or mirepoix.
The walk through the cellars is followed by a great tasting experience and a visit to a nice gift shop where you can buy things you cannot find elsewhere.
The guides who speak English and French are really nice and try to make the tour fun explaining the Mumm champagne process in details.
General duration of tours is 1h30 (with one exception only: tour called IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF FOUJITA lasts 1h45). Tour prices depend on which of their cuvees you want to taste after the tour. The higher is the price the smaller will be the group and more personal attention you will get. Here are the tours available
-CORDON ROUGE EXPERIENCE (1h30) with MUMM Cordon Rouge tasting at the end.
-DARE THE MUMM EXPERIENCE (1H30) with tasting of an unexpected “cuvée”.
-GRAND CRU EXPERIENCE (1h30) that’ll give you the opportunity to taste two rare cuvée
-IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF FOUJITA (1h45) a tour that’ll make you discover not only cellars but Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix chapel, decorated by the painter Léonard Foujita. The tour culminates in a tasting of the RSRV Rosé Foujita cuvée, an exceptional 100% Grand Cru champagne from Maison Mumm. Experience only available in French and Japanese
Except the tours you can also hire some spots of Maison’s property to receive your guest:
-You can book an area of 300m2 of Maison Mumm’s reception cellar for dinners or drinks. It can seat up to 180 guests or accommodate 250 people standing.

-Le Moulin de Verzenay (The Mill of Verzenay), historic monument on a hill above the village of Verzenay with a breath-taking view of the Maison’s vineyards. This delightful setting can be a lovely spot for entertaining up to 30 guests.
There’s one more service available at the Maison and that is a “gift card”. It is called “MUMM BOX” – a gift for two people to share the treasures of the Mumm Box.

If you would like to take a factory tour at G.H. Mumm, here’s some useful information for you:

-There are 16 miles of underground tunnels so it will be a long walk. Don’t forget to take walking shoes that will make you feel comfortable. And yes, it can be difficult for strollers and buggies
-The underground cellars are cold so do bring a sweater or jacket
-There’s some visitor parking available to park your car

-It is strongly advised to book your visit in advance (whatever the tour you choose). If you turn up without reservation all the tours can be fully booked or a tour in your language can be unavailable.
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