PEP’S Umbrella Atelier

Peps is not an ordinary production site or a store, it is a living legend and a little wonderland in one. Lost in the middle of old Parisian passages of the Marais quarter it is the only and the last place in Europe where you can fix a broken umbrella. Created in 1970 the workshop (“l’atelier” in French) has the title of the Enterprise of the Living Heritage. On just 13 square meters, you have everything: here the umbrellas are produced, sold, repaired, restored, and even recycled. You can come here even if you don’t really need to fix an umbrella – for mere curiosity – just to see different types of umbrellas and watch Mr. Millet working. Mr. Millet has been taking care of the umbrellas and l’atelier since 2002 and he is a Knight in the Order of Merit. Annually around 10,000 umbrellas are being received and repaired in this workshop. If you are staying in Paris this would be a nice activity for you. Even the quarter itself is lovely: the workshop is located in the passage d’Anchre which was created around 1500 and is considered the oldest passage of this quarter (or even Paris)!


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Rue Saint-Martin 223
Paris 75003 Île-de-France FR
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