Truffle Farm Domaine Truffier de Saleix

Lost in the Perrigord region (the South of France) a little village of Sorges is rich in black underground gold, a.k.a truffles.
A little “Domaine Truffier de Saleix” in Sorge offers tours in English and French to discover the way the truffles are grown and harvested. This place is rather famous mainly because of a very interesting truffle experience you get here.
There are 2 types of visits available:
1. Visite OR. It lasts around 1h30 minutes and includes:
• a visit of the truffiere (be prepared to walk on the soil and don’t forget to put a suitable pair of shoes)
• a very interesting explications about the climate and terroirs needed to grow “truffe de Perigord” and the history and techniques of cultivating and harvesting.
• All this is followed by a truffle hunt when a dog will sniff out and dig some truffles.
• At the end back in the old family house you will have a most wonderful tasting experience: toasts with sliced truffles and a glass of semi-sweet white wine accompanied by some lovely photographs and stories of the family history.

2. Visite ARGENT. It is more or less the same, though without tasting experience. But in any case you get a full education on truffles and will discover the details you weren’t even remotely aware of.
The visit is full of fun for kids, because they can walk in the gardens and play with the dog. So, yes, if you are travelling with children, a visit here would be a wonderful and very rich experience for them.
Regardless the type of the tour you choose it will be made by someone from the family: Lore or Christine, or both. This truffle farm is a family business; it has been owned by the family for several centuries (check the date on the fireplace when in the house).
The visits are available in winter and in summer time. During the winter you will hear about winter Tuber Melanosporum (black truffle de Perigord) and in Summer Tuber Aestivum or white summer truffle
The place can be reached by car, though it’s a bit difficult to find, as it is in the middle of nowhere. But that is quite logical, as the truffles don’t grow in the center of a city. You will need to use your GPS.
If you are in Perrigord region, spend a great morning at this farm, you will totally understand why the truffles cost a fortune

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